Following on from their very successful work in manufacturing vertical tails, an extensive range of aerostructures tooling and the F-35 engine installation and removal trailer, Marand has recently competed for and won a contract from Lockheed Martin for the detail design and manufacture of new F-35 Lightning II training technology. Marand will design the fuselage assembly for an engine and lift fan removal and installation trainer (ELFRIT) for the F-35 program.

The initial ELFRIT will be delivered to the U.S. and will be used to train maintenance crews in the precision tasks of removing and installing engines and lift fans. Marand hopes that further examples of ELFRIT might be required at a number of the major F-35 sustainment bases worldwide.

The contract for the initial ELFRIT represents around 45 person-years of additional Australian input to the F-35 program. Marand envisages that over 95% of the labour input will be carried out by Australian companies and a large proportion of the material content will also be locally sourced.

Marand’s proven capability to develop and test innovative multi-purpose mechanical systems will be used for this contract.

Marand’s General Manager of Aerospace and Defence, Mr Steve Mellor said, “This is another great opportunity for the Marand team to provide more innovative solutions into the F-35 programme. We are very excited to have the opportunity.”

Marand expects to complete the design phase mid-2017 and to deliver the first unit late 2018.


Alex Lyon
Business Development Manager
M: +61 417 384 223