For nearly 100 years, Atlas Rail has partnered the development of the rail industry throughout the world. Founded in England by Rederick Allen in 1913, and representing the peak of British engineering, the Atlas Engineering Company achieved early renown for the performance, strength and reliability of its wheel lathes, presses and purpose built rail workshop equipment.

Since that purchase the company has benefited from the technology and skills transfer that has occurred in the intervening years through interaction with the different divisions that exist under the Marand umbrella – aerospace, automation, robotics, automotive and defence.

These combined resources have placed Atlas Rail in the position of being able to offer its customers the benefits of new developments, as well as of lessons learned from other industries, while retaining in-depth understanding of the requirements of the rail industry.

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Our Mission is to provide maintenance and manufacturing, equipment and facility based solutions to the rail industry.

We design & build machines that will stand the test of time and operate reliably for many years.

Atlas Rail Products

Quality is standard throughout the comprehensive Atlas range of high quality product that complement any railway workshop. Almost 100 years of experience in dealing with problems and challenges faced by rail operators and maintainers is evident in the design and function of all Atlas equipment and design solutions. Armed with the latest in design and manufacturing technology, Atlas can meet any requirements from designing a new fully automated workshop to retrofitting an existing one

Capabilities at a glance include:

  • Turn Key Facilities
  • Lathes
  • Wheel Presses
  • Bearing Presses
  • Drop tables
  • Test Equipment
  • Workshop Automation

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