Aerospace & Defence

Aerospace & Defence

Marand has emerged as a key player in the commercial and military aerospace industry and are now expanding that success across the broader defence sector.

As Australia’s leading aerospace tooling supplier with a wide ranging experience and proven ability to meet precise quality requirements , we have become a significant supplier of production facilities, machining fixtures, assembly fixtures and lay-up mandrels for composite component manufacture, gauging and precision machined components

Designer, Manufacturer, Integrator and Exporter. Proven.

Our CAD/CAM facility utilising the latest Design, FEA & Manufacturing software linked to our CNC machinery, allows Marand to provide a wide range of specialist services on a full range of complex jigs and fixtures for aerospace and defence components. A Quality System Accredited to AS9100 Aerospace quality standard underpins the success of our business and this is complemented by our NATA certified in-house laboratory.


Our involvement includes the supply of precision airframe tooling on projects such as the Pilatus PC-9 turbo prop trainer, Boeing 737,747, 757 and 777 rudder and aileron programs, 787 Flaperon and Aileron programs, Airbus A330/340 undercarriage doors and wing tip assemblies, British Aerospace Nulka electronic decoy (rocket) and McDonnell Douglas MD Explorer helicopter.

Marand has fabricated and machined complex shaped Aluminium, Steel & Invar lay-up mandrels and fixtures for the FA/18 E & F version Hornet fighter contract and has been a large contributor of CS&E (control surfaces and edges) tooling to the F35 JSF program globally.

In the ground support field, Marand has designed, developed and manufactured various engine removal and installation trailers that have featured full non-powered, mechanical operation with the capability to raise, align and install large engines up to a rated 10 tonnes. In addition, Marand has recently developed a unique, world-leading manually-operated hydraulic mobility system capable of driving and holding 7 tonnes up a 5 degree incline with an input of only 200 watts. With this level of design and development experience, Marand is more than capable of delivering an outstanding result for any of your ground support equipment requirements.

These and other programs have assisted us to develop our in-house expertise in the design, manufacture and CMM / Laser Tracker verification, and installation of the following types of equipment:

Our capabilities in Aerospace defence include

  • Aerostructure sub assemblies
  • Ground support equipment
  • Interchangeable Modules & special products
  • Tooling
    • Sub and final assembly jigs
    • Component and final assembly check fixtures
    • Lay-up mandrels for composite parts
    • Routing and drill fixtures including Robotic Automation Solutions
    • Resin transfer moulding (RTM) tooling and facilities
    • Co-cure bond tooling for composite parts.
  • Facilities
  • Automation
  • Supply chain management
  • Production Simulation
  • Design capability

Marand has received source acceptance approval from BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin on the F35 JSF Programme and has also received the 2009 Lockheed-Martin Excellence award and 2010 Lockheed-Martin Quality Mission success award.

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