The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Stealth Fighter aircraft lifted into the skies on the 15th December, 2006 completing a successful inaugural flight and initiated the most comprehensive flight test program in military aviation history.

This flight was supported by Marand Precision Engineering, an Australian company located in Melbourne, Victoria, who have been involved in the program since early 2002 and was one of the first Australian companies to win contracts for the SDD phase.

Marand is playing an important and multi-faceted role in supporting the F-35 program. As one of the programs Global Supplier Chain partners, Marand can proudly boast as have Lockheed Martin Fort Worth, Texas and Palmdale, California, USA as highly valued and satisfied repeat customers. Marand has to date won multiple contracts to supply Lockheed Martin with a range of highly engineered and complex precision equipment.

Since winning its first JSF contract in 2003, Marand has continued to be recognised for its “Best Value” and innovative solutions by achieving a string of firsts for Australia and as a global supplier to the F-35 program:

  • The first company in the world to be awarded a contract to design and manufacture Ground Support Equipment for Lockheed Martin
  • The first Australian company to be awarded a contract to design and manufacture Cure and Trim Tooling for the manufacture of composite conventional edges
  • The first Australian company to be awarded a contract to demonstrate a number of unique High Accuracy Automated Robotic Technologies

Marand Precision Engineering is a proven and successful Tier 1/Prime Contractor to the global Aerospace, Automotive and Rail sectors supplying Innovative Production, Automated and Tooling Solutions.